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About Nikolic Architecture

NIKOLIC ARCHITECTURE is  a Copenhagen based design studio run by Borko Nikolic, Architect MAA. The design studio focuses on high architectural quality and full customer satisfaction. The design studio offers advice in architectural design, construction and interior design. The studio focuses on inspiring creative and sustainable solutions while creating security in all project phases, from sketch to finished construction.

NIKOLIC ARCHITECTURE seeks individual solutions  thet relate to both form, function, economy and aesthetics. 
Nikolic Architecture provides advice in close contact with the customer as well as other participants in the project to ensure that the architecture also meets the customer's requirements for time, economy and quality. Nikolic Architecture mainly deals with residential project, but has experience with the development of other typologies within business, education, culture, production and planning.

NIKOLIC ARCHITECTURE has many years  experience in:
Client consulting

Design & concept development
Sketch & design
Housing construction
Commercial construction
Single-family houses
Conversion & extension
3D visualization
Other tasks

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