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Townhouses Roskilde Fjord

2022  (under sonstruction)

Location: Roskilde
Project type: Transformation of farm buildings into townhouses
Customer: Corporate
Year of construction:

Development project in Lindenborg near Gevninge (Lejre Municipality), on the outskirts of Roskilde from worn down farm property into 5 new townhouses. In cooperation with Nikolic Architecture, our client decided with that a gentle transformation was the only right way to develop the property. Land zone permit and building permit were acquired for the purpose of transforming the two buildings located on the plot into 5 housing units. The property consists of an old farmhouse from the 1890s that was most recently renovated in the 1970s, and an adjoining barn, which in recent years served as an occasional rental space for small businesses. The intention has been to keep the existing materials, colors, window types and load-bearing structures while ensuring quality and variety in each of the new homes. The property is under construction and is expected to be completed in the summer of 2022.

Villa M1: Project
Villa M1: Pro Gallery
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