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Villa MD


Location: Greater Copenhagen
Project type: Extension
Customer: Private
Year of construction:


The studio made this project for a brought together stepfamily with 5 children and in need of additional bedrooms and a home office.

The original house is a traditionsl 2-story house with an untraditional palette of colors and materials like yellow brick, red-brown roof tiles, blue painted windows and doors and white painted roof details.

The only possible space for making an addition to the house, the Southern gable, has a big glass partition limiting a potential addition in height. The color and material palette and placement of the glass partition complicated the choice of materials and placement of an addition.

 As a solution to this, the studio chose to establish a glazed passage with a lowered roof edge that respected the original house. 

The passage leads to three rooms in the addition that is built with a light wall wooden frame and claddded with vertical black painted wooden cladding. The black color successfully neutralized the existing color and material palette and resulted in a harmonious and functional solution for the client.

Villa M1: Project
Villa M1: Pro Gallery
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